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What is Shadow Payroll?

Today‚Äôs workforce is mobile, and COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. France, Italy, Germany and even Belgium, Netherlands and UK‚Ķ It is not unusual to hear that people returned to their home country and are working remotely. Can this practice have an impact on companies and the way payroll is handled? Yes, it does. As […]

Work from home, employers obligations in the EU big 6 and Switzerland

Continuing with our “work from home” series, we would like to share with you in the table below and the file attached our findings about the discrepancies of the work from home laws in the 6 biggest European countries and Switzerland. Do not hesitate to download the table and the references by clicking the file […]

Tips for efficient remote office work

The transition to the world post COVID-19 is more delicate than expected. Before the summer and after several months fighting the disease, many countries flatten the curve of new cases. However, for now a few weeks the curve of infections is on the high again and what companies anticipated to be extraordinary and temporary measures […]

How COVID-19 is changing the approach to data driven insights

It‚Äôs here and it‚Äôs inevitable. It‚Äôs powered by technology and harnessed by people: Digital Transformation! The pandemic has wrought disruption on how companies work and has accelerated the need to transition to a more digital economy. ‚ÄúFocus on outcomes that make the difference and you will thrive!‚ÄĚ Easier said than done! In practice, over 50% […]

Tax opportunities post COVID-19

With the sudden appearance of COVID-19, many businesses encounter tough and violent challenges as shut down with a loss of revenue and removal of production capacity. The preservation of the EBIT and especially the cash is critical. Therefore companies should focus on completing their 2019 tax credits on R&D might help to obtain cash refunds […]

COVID-19 Employer Q&A Switzerland

Situation at April 1, 2020 The following lines is an intent to help you navigate to your rights when facing the most commun issues that employers and employees are facing amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. Are my employees obliged to disclose themselves as a risk-factor? Only if they have a confirmed infection. Otherwise no. As […]