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LifeScience Services GmbH (LSS) is a boutique management consulting firm that specializes in providing advisory and project management services to leading life sciences organizations. With a solid reputation in the industry since 2009, we are known for our innovative and data-driven approach to strategic and operational consulting.

Located in the heart of Switzerland, in the canton of Zug, LifeScience Services benefits from its proximity to several global players and a thriving community of small and medium-sized biotech companies. This strategic location allows us to stay connected and at the forefront of the life sciences industry.

At LifeScience Services, we offer a comprehensive range of services including strategy consulting, digital transformation, operations consulting, corporate development, and commercial launch readiness, among others. Our team of expert partners brings extensive experience gained from senior positions in the life sciences industry. We work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that drive measurable impact and create value.

Our mission at LifeScience Services is to provide high-quality and independent consulting services that positively impact the patient’s journey. We are committed to making a meaningful difference and helping our clients succeed in the dynamic and evolving field of life sciences.

Why Our Clients Deserve to be GOAT?
Why Our Clients Deserve the Best Service

Because… Every day, it is not easy to maintain a commitment to excellence, which is the minimum requirement for working towards the health and well-being of patients in need of cures.

Because our clients are strong, compassionate, and dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge for a better society.

Because innovation and groundbreaking work demand patience and tireless efforts.

Because, resilience, perseverance, and tenacity are necessary to overcome obstacles and adversity in a dynamic and constantly evolving world.

And the list goes on...

That is why our clients deserve to be treated as the GOAT.

This should be the bare minimum.

Why we have to be #GOATConsultants™

Because our Clients are Strong and Compassionate, Dedicated to Excellence, Resilient and Tenacious, make our clients deserving of being treated as the greatest in their field, setting the bar high for us to follow.

As #GOATConsultants™, we are committed to nothing but the best service.

Just as Paul Berg revolutionized the biotechnology sector with his groundbreaking work, #GOATConsultants™ strive to exceed our Clients' expectations and provide them with exceptional value.

When brainstorming our logo, Mr. Rui Teixeira, Founder and CEO of LifeScience Services, wanted an impactful symbol that could reflect his family origins as shepherds and represent our clients' values.

The goat seemed to be the ideal and predestined choice for several reasons:


🌿 Strength

Goats can thrive in a variety of environments, whether it's climbing steep mountains or navigating rocky terrain.

Similarly, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape, ensuring our Clients to always receive the best tailored solutions to their needs.

💪 Resilience

Goats are incredibly resilient that can withstand harsh conditions and persevere through obstacles.

Our team embodies this resilience, always pushing forward and overcoming challenges to help our Clients achieve their goals.

🧠 Resourcefulness

Goats are famously resourceful animals, using their intelligence and agility to find food, shelter, and safety.

#GOATConsultants™ employ our resourcefulness to identify opportunities for our Clients and craft innovative strategies to help them succeed.

🤝 Collaboration

Goats are social animals that thrive in groups, and we believe in the power of teamwork to deliver exceptional results.

Join us on this extraordinary journey and experience the transformative power of our consultancy services.

Contact us today and let's strive for greatness together!

Meet our 🐐
GOAT in Chief & CEO

Learn more about his motivations, passions and interests!


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