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LifeScience Services GmbH (LSS) is a boutique management consulting firm based in the heart of Switzerland. Since 2009, we’ve specialized in offering advisory and project management services to leading life science organizations. With our innovative, data-driven approach, we’ve built a solid reputation for providing strategic and operational consulting that makes a meaningful difference in the life sciences field.

We take pride in being the Extended Arm in Europe for biopharma companies, helping them scale efficiently using our unique “accelerate thinking effect method”. This strategic approach, combined with our wide range of services – including strategy consulting, digital transformation, operations consulting, corporate development, and commercial launch readiness – allows us to unlock new opportunities that generate instant big wins and savings for our clients.

Like the goats that thrive in various environments and overcome obstacles, our team adapts to the ever-changing business landscape, always pushing forward to achieve our clients’ goals.

As #GOATConsultants™, our values are embodied in the symbol of the goat, representing:





Our clients, who are strong, compassionate, dedicated to excellence, resilient, and tenacious, deserve to be treated as the greatest in their field. Thus, we are committed to delivering nothing but the best service, setting the bar high for us to follow.

Just as the biotechnology sector was revolutionized by groundbreaking work, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, providing them with exceptional value. In this dynamic and evolving world, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.


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