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Market Access

Get the right price,

for the right patients,

at the right time.

Understanding the payer requirements, and how the reimbursement and funding system work in each market, is critical for how you develop your product, what price you can get, for which patients it will be reimbursed and when it will be accessible to them
Value propositions, payer research, evidence gap analysis, and health economic models are important tools to support commercial decision-making as well as the clinical development program.

Optimise market access for your products

It’s essential to get the right price, for the right patients, at the right time when launching a new product.

By conducting payer research, companies can identify the payer’s value drivers and obtain insights into the payer’s decision-making process. Evidence gap analysis can help identify the gaps in the clinical trial evidence being collected that need to be filled to meet payer requirements.

Health economic models can help estimate the product’s cost-effectiveness and demonstrate its value to payers. Value propositions, value dossiers and value messages help articulate the product’s value to payers and other stakeholders in a coherent, evidence-based story.

By utilizing these tools, companies can make informed commercial decisions, optimize their product’s pricing and reimbursement, and ensure that their product reaches the right patients at the right time.

Value Identification

  • Market access landscape/analogue assessments
  • Payer research/advisory boards
  • Early health economic modelling
  • Early value proposition
  • Price assessment/commercial opportunity

Value Generation

  • Evidence gap analysis/evidence generation plan
  • Literature reviews
    Input to clinical trial (payer) endpoints
  • Statistical analysis plan/treatment comparison
  • Value message testing

Value Communication

  • Global value story and dossier
  • Global health economic model
  • Global pricing strategy and launch sequence
  • Internal launch preparation
  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submission

Our capabilities include:

Market access
HTA landscaping
Analogues assessment
Competitor analysis
Payer analysis
Value proposition development
Payer research
Evidence gap analysis
Evidence generation plans
Literature reviews
Health economic models
Payer communication tools
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