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Supply Chain

Cross-functional coordination is key to design an efficient and effective Biopharma Supply Chain

Designing a supply chain requires a well-coordinated collaboration across various functions. This teamwork ensures seamless product flow, compliance, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Too coordinate this process, the Project Management Office (PMO) plays a crucial role to create end-to-end supply chain processes.

LifeScience Services bridges the gaps between diverse functions and aligns with the objectives to deliver efficient, sustainable, scalable, AGILE and cost efficient Biopharma Supply Chain.

The PMO is the link with all the operational teams in your company:

See the AI file below:

  1. Regulatory Affairs (RA) requirements influence product flows at two strategic levels for Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) stage, where strategic regulatory decisions are taken as well as the operational level, dealing with distribution licenses across several jurisdictions.
  2. Quality Assurance (QA). Good Practices (GxP) are fundamental at every stage of the Supply Chain: control measures mitigate the risk of deviations and recalls as well as setting high standards for patient safety.
  3. Marketing & Sales to forecast the demand and service level expectations.
  4. Finance, Tax, and Legal policies have a great impact on any goods or services crossing any frontier. Additionally, INCOTERMS are deeply linked to financial, tax and legal considerations.
  5. Supply Chain identifies the optimal physical flow, makes sure goods are received, manufactured and delivered timely and assess the risks of shortage.


LifeScience Services supports Biopharmaceutical organizations to setup efficient, sustainable, scalable, AGILE and cost efficient Supply Chain operations to source and deliver quality products globally.