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With less than a month to go (date of writing 1-Dec-2020) until the end of the post-Brexit transition period, there’s still no clarity about exactly how the UK’s borders will operate outside the EU’s economic zone – the single market and the customs union.

There is still no trade deal between the UK and the EU and such agreement will take years to be concluded.

In the meantime, businesses that trade across the border are extremely concerned as it is likely that widespread disruption will happen as of 1 January 2021.

It is one of the reasons of why MHRA has approved the vaccine (link here) as shipments will be authorized as of today (origin Belgium) and thus avoid delays.

Because from 1 January 2021, trading, inbounds and outbounds, will face large amounts of new paperwork and checks that includes:

  • Customs declarations
  • Rules of origin checks
  • Tariffs and excise duty
  • Product safety certificates
  • Food inspections and more

In order to limit the disruption of the trade, UK government has decided to postpone customs checks until 1 July 2021 leaving some additional time for companies to prepare.

But the scale of complexity due to paperwork cannot be underestimated and it is expected that January 2021 will be a difficult month for customs clearance.

We prepared the below document to help you understand the changes that will affect your movement of goods with the UK (England, Scotland and Wales – Northern Ireland is a different category).