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CxOs challenges for 2023 in the Life Sciences sector

In this article, we’ll explore some of the key trends that will shape the life sciences industry for the next years to come (2023 and beyond). We examined how companies are responding to these new needs, and what CxOs can do to stay competitive as these trends develop in every business function. The life sciences […]

Electronic Invoicing obligations in Europe as of 2023

Italy was the first country to in force B2G (Business to Government) electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) in 2014. Italy was also the pioneer to introduce B2B and B2B in 2019, for almost all Italian companies. Currently, several EU countries have full E-invoicing mandatory only for B2G : Spain, France, Portugal, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, […]

SAP talks about us!

Ichnos Sciences is a fully integrated biotechnology company headquartered in New York City with an Innovation Hub and Manufacturing operations in Switzerland. Focused in research and innovative, transformative solutions on the frontiers of oncology and autoimmune diseases, Ichnos Sciences seek to treat patients holistically, by targeting diseases and their consequences on the human body on […]

What is transfer pricing ?

This article will provide you with a high-level methodology for the different methods and types of transfer pricing. You will not become a tax expert, but next time you will be asked the question “what is your transfer pricing method”, you probably won’t respond “Cost +”
 Multinational companies, MNE, used to allocate profits (earnings before […]

Work from home, employers obligations in the EU big 6 and Switzerland

Continuing with our “work from home” series, we would like to share with you in the table below and the file attached our findings about the discrepancies of the work from home laws in the 6 biggest European countries and Switzerland. Do not hesitate to download the table and the references by clicking the file […]

How COVID-19 is changing the approach to data driven insights

It’s here and it’s inevitable. It’s powered by technology and harnessed by people: Digital Transformation! The pandemic has wrought disruption on how companies work and has accelerated the need to transition to a more digital economy. “Focus on outcomes that make the difference and you will thrive!” Easier said than done! In practice, over 50% […]

COVID-19 Employer Q&A Switzerland

Situation at April 1, 2020 The following lines is an intent to help you navigate to your rights when facing the most commun issues that employers and employees are facing amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. Are my employees obliged to disclose themselves as a risk-factor? Only if they have a confirmed infection. Otherwise no. As […]